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Soft Protective Eyeglass Case Brown for Snap Magnetic Reading Glasses

Snap Magnetic

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2 Color Options: This Snap Magnetic Matching Chamois Protective Soft Case is available in two classic colors: Black and Brown. Choose the color that best compliments your Magnetic Reading Glasses, ensuring a stylish and coordinated look. A perfect accessory for both men and women, this case offers not only utility but also an aesthetic appeal.

Specifically Designed for Snap Magnetic Glasses: This case has been thoughtfully designed to snugly fit and protect your Magnetic Reading Glasses but can be used to store other reading glasses as well. The design follows the exact dimensions of the glasses, offering a compact and secure storage solution. Its form-fitting design minimizes bulk, making it perfect for travel and daily use.

Chamois Material Construction: Crafted from durable chamois material, this soft case boasts a smooth texture that is gentle on your glasses. Despite its softness, the case is highly durable and flexible, ensuring it can withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining its shape and providing optimal protection for your glasses.

Secure Fastening System: This case features a Nylon/Fabric Hook & Loop Closure system that ensures your glasses stay securely within the case when not in use, while still offering easy and quick access when needed. The simple yet effective fastening system adds to the overall functionality and practicality of the case.

Ideal Measurements: The case measures 5.5" x 4.9" (139.7mm x 124.46mm) when opened, providing ample space for storing your glasses without being bulky or inconvenient. To secure your readers in the case, simply wrap the case around the front of your lenses & frame with the arms closed, and secure the nylon/fabric hooks & loops.

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